Quats – The Dangerous Ingredient in Cleaning Products

As a parent, the most important thing is keeping my kids healthy and safe. I am always cleaning and disinfecting my kitchen table, bathroom, kids toys, phones, doorknobs, etc. But did you know, some of the most popular cleaning products can do more harm than good?

Ammonium Quaternary Compounds, aka Quats, are found in a variety of cleaning products that we all use daily. These include disinfectant sprays, wipes, toilet cleaners and more. Using disinfectant cleaners that have quats as an ingredient is doing you, your family, friends, and employees a disservice.

To help you better understand the dangers of quats, imagine killing a mosquito in your kitchen with a baseball bat. Of course, it will be killed once contact is made, but you have also caused unnecessary damage to your kitchen. That is what quats do to cleaning products. They disinfect, but in turn, it’s a much stronger chemical than our bodies should ever be exposed to. The constant re-exposure is dangerous and has some serious consequences.

Quats have been linked to irritating skin, lungs, asthma, fertility issues, and reproductive harm. Long after you have disinfected your kitchen table, quats continue to linger around. So, with every passing hand that touches the surface you “cleaned” with disinfecting sprays and wipes containing quats, causes the side effects of the quats to live on.

There was a study done by NCBI (read complete study here – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4783637/) on mice cages that were cleaned with products containing quats. It took months AFTER using these cleaners for the mice to be able to reproduce again.

To make matters worse this article by ChemicalWatch (https://chemicalwatch.com/58038/us-study-links-consumer-product-disinfectants-to-birth-defects-in-rodents) discusses how disinfectants that have quat ingredients are also causing birth defects in the rodents. This study was done using products that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the overuse of quats is creating superbugs! Not only is that disgusting, but you can imagine the diseases that will come with those nasty creatures.

If you can’t pronounce the ingredients in your cleaning supplies, don’t buy it! Here at Pristine Pros, our Destroyer 3000 has only 3 ingredients—water, sodium chlorite, and a citrus fragrance. It will relive malodors from surfaces and it also leaves a nice orange scent behind to enjoy, with no quats, or other unnecessary ingredients.

The world is full of dangerous chemicals and diseases, don’t allow the process to continue inside your home. Our company will destroy the main source of any of odors without the use of quats. We love to see happy, healthy families.

Our Final Piece of Advice: Don’t put your family in danger, always read the label and stay away from quats!

Pristine Pros – We Don’t Just Mask Odors…We DESTROY Them.


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