Quats + Sunscreen = A Dangerous Combination!

quats and sunscreen - a dangerous combo

Growing up, we were always warned about protecting ourselves from the rays of the sun. Sunscreen was the main priority, especially in the tropical climates. The dangers of not wearing sunscreen can cause serious illness, skin cancer, and other types of issues which can ultimately lead to death. Dermatologists came together and created Sunscreen, which started saving one beachgoer at a time.

But what if what is saving our epidermis is interrupting our marine life and creating catastrophic events?

We’ve spoken previously on the dangers of Quats in your household cleaning products and how they are linked to serious health issues like asthma and fertility issues—now it’s time to discuss the dangers of QUATS in sunscreens found throughout the US!

Quats and The Coral Reef

For several years, oceanographers and environmentalist were baffled at the disappearing of Coral Reefs in Hawaii. Global Warming, natural disasters, and overfishing were first mentioned and placed blame on, however with more research, it turns out Sunscreens are the main culprit.

Sunscreens have ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate which cause mortality in the reef community. Due to these ingredients, coral is becoming weaker and unable to reproduce.

Coral Reef is crucial to marine life. These reefs provide habitats for sea animals and help protect our coasts from waves, storms, and floods. The decreasing life span of coral reefs will cause irreversible damage, leading our ecosystem to be in danger like never before.

Sunscreen Ban In Hawaii

Even the Governor of Hawaii has placed a ban on the use of Sunscreen while at the beach! (Read the full article here – Sunscreen ban in Hawaii). Starting in 2021, Hawaii will no longer be able to even sell sunscreen that has oxybenzone and octinoxate in their ingredients.

It is important for beachgoers to understand that if these two ingredients are killing the coral reefs, imagine what it can do to your skin!

Please Share with your friends and family: Stick to ingredients you know when shopping for sunscreen or suntan lotion, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it!

Why Choose Pristine Pros

Here at Pristine Pros, our Destroyer 3000 has only 3 ingredients—water, sodium chlorite, and a citrus fragrance. We help keep homes clean and families safe; our company will destroy the main source of any odors and prevent them from coming back, without the use of quats. We love to see happy, healthy families. Don’t put yours in danger, always read the label!

Pristine Pros – We don’t Just Mask Odors…We DESTROY them.


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