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You can’t hide from the bad smells of previous tenants

The lingering bad smells from previous tenants, especially the stubborn ones, can’t be hidden. New residents will run from odors like pet urine, mildew, smoke, and pungent food. These odors tell a story that may not be true about the property you represent.

Pristine Pros can help you eliminate the odors that plague your property, wiping the slate clean for new tenants and a new beginning. We don’t just cover up the odors–we destroy them at their biological source, leaving only a Pristine Clean behind.

  • Straightforward, no-nonsense treatments adapt to your needs and the size of each property
  • Targeted treatment includes pre-treatment spray and proprietary vapor that penetrates cracks and crevices to tackle the biological source of odors
  • For South Florida properties: Specialized outdoor treatment focuses on trash chutes, dumpsters, and shared outdoor areas to keep every area of your properties looking and smelling clean
  • The “Clean Zone” seal can be used at properties, on websites, and social media

The Pristine Pros Difference

The difference between Pristine Pros and other odor elimination options is in our customized approach and, quite frankly, the results. Our customized targeted odor elimination process uses proprietary green technology to penetrate cracks and crevices where the biological source of odors live. You may not be able to see them, but you can smell them. Our job is to destroy them.


  • All Smoke Odors
  • Organic Odors
  • Allergens
  • Food Odors
  • Mold & Mildew Odors

Put Pristine Pros to the Test!


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The Power of Pristine Pro’s

“I would like to thank you for doing the job at our site. It was very pleasant to walk to the room and get a different smell.”

Gabby R. Administrative Assistant | Castle Group Bellaggio Resident's Association

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