The Little Orange Fogger Kit


The Little Orange Fogger Kit

Apart from its size there is nothing little about The Little Orange Fogger! Used with our powerful Destroyer 3000 solution, it is designed to eliminate odor causing surface bacteria in large spaces. It takes care of big jobs quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. That’s a pretty big deal!

Pro tip: The Little Orange Fogger can also be used to clean cars. This tool is excellent for car detailers looking to add an additional service to their clients.

Kit Contains:

  • P2 Cold Fogger  (Tank Capacity of 2L; Effective Range of 8-10 ft.; 800-watt with adjustable nozzles, 110V)
  • 1 Gallon of Destroyer 3000
  • 3M Protective Goggles* 
  • 3M Chemical Respirator with Filters*

* WARNING: The 3M Protective Eye Goggles and 3M Chemical Respirator with Filters are required to be worn when fogging or spraying any type of chemical.