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Indoor Odor Treatments

What’s worse than being stuck outside with stubborn, foul odors? Being stuck inside with stubborn, foul odors. Some of the most difficult odors to eliminate occur indoors. Whether due to pet urine or smoke, food or mildew & mold, you have likely found yourself at some point, scrubbing to no avail. You may have even tried HVAC services and expensive deep cleanings. Yet, the smells remain. Many of us have tried to mask stubborn odors using air fresheners or wax warmers, only to end up with linen-scented foul odors. 

Unlike many other products and services, we know how to target the biological backbone of odors, allergens, and bacteria, ultimately eliminating them – rather than masking them. Our proprietary and customized treatments are engineered to your specifications, with four different sizes and concentrations available. 

Pristine Pros Offers:

Proprietary green technology

Quick results

Single-use treatments for vehicles

One-time services for homes and apartments, RVs, and boats

Regular service calls for commercial buildings

Customized Solutions For

Outdoor Odor Treatments

Imagine this. It’s a beautiful day, the flowers are blooming below a cloudless, blue sky, when BAM! You walk past a trashcan or dumpster that smells flat-out offensive. While many property managers and owners use a water-based power wash to tackle such odors, they don’t eliminate bacteria and it won’t be long before the same smell is back to smack you in the face once again. When using these types of power washes, the odor simply returns shortly thereafter, only to leave your residents or customers unhappy, and your precious time ultimately wasted. 

Instead you need to utilize an outdoor elimination process that both cleans and deodorizes using smart green technology. Pristine Pros offers the perfect combination to take the bacteria, odor – and your worries – away. 


Choose from our four outstanding outdoor products:


A high pH cleaner used to eliminate tough grease and grime.


A low pH cleaner that deodorizes and complements Lightning.


A high pH detergent that’s even tougher than Lightning. It’s perfect for metal-safe cleaning and degreasing in high traffic areas like walkways.


A high pH degreaser, powerful enough to strip stubborn, sticky substances that hide odors without damaging plastic or metal surfaces.

People look for many things when searching for an apartment. Lingering odors or harmful bacteria aren’t one of them. Pristine Pros can handle odor problems from floor to ceiling and will customize a product line to fit your property. Training is on us!
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Wipe out problem odors at the BIOLOGICAL SOURCE