Funky House = Funky Prospects | Clean House = Profits $

funky house = funky prospects

Scents make cents – especially when selling a home. Smells can really influence a homebuyer’s decision on whether they will make an offer on a property or turn their nose the other way. Bad scents like smoke, mold and pet smells can devalue a property fast to a family looking for a new place to call their own. It can signal a problem to the potential buyer that they will not want to spend money to remedy. It can also take away from even the visual inspection of the house because the potential buyers are too distracted thinking about how bad the smell is and coming up with assumptions of what they think the smell could be. You’ve already lost the sale without them even seeing the whole space.

Most homes that have been lived in deal with some sort of odor issue, and most times it has nothing to do with cleanliness! Just the normal everyday smells of making dinner, football practice, gym shoes, the family pets, clothes piled up from long work days can add up and over time these smells tend to dig into the walls, the floors, the hallways and eventually expand to every room in the house. This is unavoidable, it’s a part of life.

Even a home that hasn’t really been lived in can suffer from odor problems from the opposite situation – no one has been there! This absence can create a musty smell just from not opening and closing the doors and windows on a regular basis. This odor is just as unpleasant and can prevent a home sale from occurring.

Some say that painting a home will eliminate odors in the wall but that is just incorrect information. Painting walls does the same thing a deodorizer does, it masks the smell temporarily, it does not get rid of the smell in its’ entirety. It’s important for home sellers to address the source of the stink and not just cover it up. Until a home has closed the buyer can turn back on the deal – don’t let that happen because of an unpleasant odor that could have been dealt with quickly and affordably.

At Pristine Pros we don’t just mask odors…we DESTROY them.

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