The Pristine Pros process was inspired by a product that has been used for sanitation, purification, and deodorizing around the world for nearly a century. The power of chlorine dioxide has been indisputable for years in many areas of the world, and now is a large part of our daily lives in the United States. Before venturing into the marketplace with this product, we contracted with one of the top laboratories in the United States to de-engineer our feature product, the 20-gram chlorine dioxide tablet. The goal? To assure ourselves, and our customers, that we understood the building blocks of our products completely. That assurance wasn’t enough, we wanted a product that did more, and that offered more to businesses and consumers.

We saw an opportunity to transform this product into a solution for stubborn odors, which often stem from hidden biological sources. The de-engineering process has allowed us to develop custom treatment components that we can mix and match to create solutions for all organic odors. Our cutting edge approach has allowed us to develop fast, effective delivery systems for our products which have made us pioneers in odor elimination.


The difference between Pristine Pros and other sanitation services is our customized process and the way we approach the business. Our commitment to our customers, and meeting their needs, led us to develop a series of customized treatment services that meet the needs of a wide variety of clients.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, which means that we offer you a range of options, beginning with a straightforward one-time treatment ideal for clients like car dealerships or RV owners. We also offer a powerful two-part treatment process, as well as regular service and maintenance packages that keep spaces smelling pristine clean.

We are also partner with established, experienced sales professionals in the industries in which we operate. We know you have developed long, trusted relationships with your clients, and we are proud to be a new, powerful service you can provide them to meet their needs.


Chlorine dioxide is a natural compound that is a commonplace sanitizing, deodorizing, and purifying solution around the world. Tasks like purifying water and sanitizing fruits and vegetables from bacteria and pathogens are conquered by chlorine dioxide in countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, and South Korea, among others.

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