Our Story

With a passion for people and problem solving, we set out to fix a serious issue as old as time: stubborn odors. Not only are they unpleasant to the nose, but also the source of them can often be harmful to our bodies. So we set out to tackle this arduous, odorous problem to make your lives easier. After all, you have more important things to worry about. 

We didn’t pull our ideas from just anywhere…

Inspired by the indisputable power of chlorine dioxide, a sanitation, purification, and deodorizing product that has been used around the world for centuries, we did our homework. Working with one of the top laboratories in the country, we learned all about the components of chlorine dioxide and knew that we needed to transform it into an even more successful odor-eliminator.

Through the process of de-engineering the product, we figured out how to create solutions for any and all organic odors, which often stem from hidden biological sources. Although we have become pioneers in odor elimination, it is our solutions and cutting edge approach to odor elimination that has resulted in fast and effective results. 

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Customized Solutions

All natural, green, and healthy

We recognize that like people, no two odors are the same. That’s why we customize our treatments and services for each and every customer. You won’t find any one-size-fits-all solutions here. Instead, we offer a complete range of options. From one- and two-part treatments, to regular, consistent maintenance, we remain committed to meeting the needs of our customers. 

Whether in your home or your business, we will work to eliminate all organic odors and harmful –surface and airborne – bacteria. In today’s chemical-heavy society, even eliminating odors can be harmful as many products rely on products full of unhealthy components. But with our all-natural, eco-friendly, green technology, you can eliminate odors without jeopardizing anyone’s health. Take that, odors! If you ask us, that smells like success. 

Safer Odor Elimination - No Quats!

Pristine Pros isn’t just any cleaning company. While other companies may claim that they have the answer to stubborn odors, many utilize solutions containing chemicals such as “quats.” 

Quats (Ammonium quaternary compounds) often serve as the active ingredient found in all-purpose bacterial cleaners, disinfectant wipes, and disinfectant sprays. They can irritate skin and cause rashes, irritate your lungs and lead to breathing problems, cause harm to your reproductive system and affect fertility and healthy reproduction, and continue contributing to the development of “superbugs” that cannot be controlled with antibiotics. 

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How It Works


So how did we create a solution using only green technology that still works? We enhance chlorine dioxide, a naturally occurring compound, which is known around the world for its sanitizing, deodorizing, and purifying properties. We then customized doses of the treatment and follow our tried-and-true four-step process. 


Step 1 - Water Activation

Step 1. - Water Activation

Taking into consideration the size of the area in question and the intensity of the odor present, we drop a customized treatment does into the appropriate amount of water.

step 2 - vapor forms

Step 2. - Vapor Forms

Once the tablet hits the water and is activated, it creates a chemical reaction, which creates a disinfecting vapor.

step 3 - vapor expands

Step 3. - Vapor Expands

The proprietary vapor begins to fill the room and safely makes its way into the smallest of cracks and crevices. There it targets the biological backbone of the source of the odor.

step 4 - odor eliminated

Step 4. - Bacteria - and Accompanying Odors - Eliminated

Once the vapor has reaches the bacteria inside of the cracks, it penetrates the cell wall of the lingering microorganisms, destroying them. According to both the EPA and the FDA, chlorine dioxide effectively destroys over 20 of the most harmful pathogens, as well as the biological sources of many stubborn odors.

Odor Removal Without Harsh Chemicals

Our odor removal process uses water-activated tablets that release a unique gas to biologically destroy the molecules that cause things to smell bad. The process releases a powerful non-toxic vapor that destroys odors, allergens, bacterial, viral and mold organisms – all without the use of harmful chemicals!

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Wipe out problem odors at the BIOLOGICAL SOURCE