7 Scents That Attract Prospective Home Buyers

7 scents that attract home buyers

For consumers who are shopping for a new home that have a sensitive sense of smell or allergies, a strong or unpleasant smell can have them leaving before even looking at the property!  When looking to sell a home, one of the simplest ways to push the consumer away is an unfriendly odor. Lighting candles and spraying air fresheners will only mask any lingering smells and can be very distracting with the homebuyer as their brain is working hard to determine what that smell is and where is it coming from, instead of focusing on the house.

Calming and welcoming smells can influence a homebuyer to stay and enjoy their view, rather than expediting the visit. Location of the home and the aroma can also influence any potential likings of the home. For instance, a home located near the woods or selling around the holiday times can take advantage of smells like Cinnamon, Pine, and Cedar. A home located near the city can enjoy the sense of Vanilla for a more relaxing atmosphere. By using the proper scent, your prospective homebuyer can feel a deeper connection on an emotional level resulting in a more memorable and pleasant experience.

These are the 7 most popular scents homeowners can use to make their property stand out from the rest:

  1. Vanilla
  2. Pine
  3. Cedar
  4. Citrus
  5. Lavender
  6. Cinnamon
  7. Green Tea

Vanilla and Lavender help ease anxiety, which is great for homebuyers to smell when they walk into a home. The sense of easiness and comfort goes a long way.

Pine and Cedar have been linked to holidays which seasonal joy and relaxation.

Citrus scents can boost energy and alertness, with also giving the atmosphere a very clean smell. Citrus smells can be helpful in the kitchen and bathroom areas. (Side note: Our Destroyer 3000 formula can eliminate unpleasant odors like vomit, lingering food leftovers, dog/cat pee, gym sweat stench, cigarette/marijuana smoke and more. BONUS: It smells like citrus).

Cinnamon is associated with warmth, safety, and protection which can be relatively good for our single homebuyers.

Green Tea has a refreshing scent that is in sync with harmony.

Homebuyers want to feel safe, warm and comfortable in any home they chose to purchase. It is essential the home is not only spotless but holds warmth and comfort within the first few seconds of entering the home. Perception is everything and the idea of a refreshing home can go a long way.

A Pristine clean home smells clean.

Here at Pristine Pros, we take pride in making sure freshness is scratched off your list of worries. That way no matter which scent you choose, it will be pure, clean, with no other malodors to mix with.

Pristine Pros – We Don’t Just Mask Odors, We DESTROY Them!


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