7 Reasons To Remove Your Shoes At Home

reasons to remove your shoes at home

For many, coming home after a long day of work and kicking off your shoes is the first thing you do. For others, you may not be able to imagine walking around barefoot, unless you’re showering or going to bed. If you are opposed to removing your shoes at home the following may make you change your mind.

Here are 7 reasons you should take off your shoes at the door, before even walking inside:

  1. Walking around your house with shoes on is similar to wiping your floors with poop. Did you know that shoes can contain over 410,000 different types of germs? E. Coli, bodily fluids, animal droppings, and fecal matter are the more serious and common germs that can be found on your soles! These germs can spread and cause serious illness including pneumonia and intestinal issues.
  2. Germs multiply and spread rapidly. Germs hold no discrimination but mostly affect young children who play and crawl on the floor. Just a few minutes of extra play time before bed and these germs can cling to your little one’s pajamas and make them sick. The elderly and those who have a weak immune system can also be more affected by these germs as they spread quickly.
  3. If you’ve used a public restroom and then came home without removing your shoes…all that public restroom bacteria has now entered your lovely home with you. Public restrooms are usually full of germs in general. The top offender is the toilet which splashes after flushing, blasting unwanted germs all over, including the floors. Diarrhea and respiratory illness can occur due to bacteria commonly found in restrooms.
  4. Babies, toddlers & small children like to explore and touch everything. Most of what they grab is normally on the floor as it’s easiest to get to. At some point, those unwashed fingers usually end up in their mouth, before mom or dad can clean them up. This can lead to these little ones ingesting harmful bacteria, which can make them ill. When you don’t remove your shoes you invite even more germs and harmful bacteria into the mix.
  5. Carpet is an ideal location for bacteria to live, breed and hide for weeks at a time. When you walk in with your shoes on, even if you vacuum regularly, dirt & debris can get trapped in the carpet fibers. As most of these germs are microscopic, you won’t even know they are there. That is until they start multiplying and create an unpleasant odor or bacteria growth. Then it may get to the point that the carpet will have to be thrown away or treated accordingly.
  6. Taking your shoes off after work before entering your home can help you relax. Shoes carry stress, especially uncomfortable ones! Footwear that doesn’t allow your feet to properly circulate can cause them to sweat more. This can, in turn, lead to harmful bacteria growth, mal-odors and could also cause ingrown toenails.
  7. When you wear shoes inside your house, you may be adding more chores to your list! As you drag the dirt and filth from the outside into your home, you will need to clean the floors more often than if you took them off at the door.

As discussed, the practice of removing your shoes at the door can be beneficial to your health & family in many ways. If you can’t fathom the idea of walking around barefoot at home, purchase house slippers to keep near the entryway. That way you can change your outside shoes and still feel comfortable with shoes on at home.

Our Pristine Clean process not only keeps your home and business smelling its’ best, it also helps eliminate harmful bacteria, including those that are brought in from the outside. If you haven’t been removing your shoes when walking in your house, or don’t ask your guests remove their shoes, it may be a great time to have the pros at Pristine Pros come in and do what we do best – DESTROY nasty odors and harmful bacteria.

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