10 Myths About Eliminating Odors

10 myths about eliminating odors

Eliminating offensive odors like pet smells, stinky feet, cigarette smoke, food odors, mold and mildew smells can be really difficult and nearly impossible if not done properly.  These distinct smells linger and cling to furniture, carpet, floors, and sometimes it can even reek through walls and doors, causing a really stinky situation in your home, office, or vehicle.

There are myths that are shared online, through peers and other sources that say they eliminate odors but it’s just not true. We are going to debunk those for you right now!

Myth #1 – If you place a small bowl of white vinegar in a room it will absorb odors. Odors will not be swooped up and removed by a bowl of vinegar. Also, this vinegar solution will leave your room smelling like vinegar for a while. Not a good choice for an ongoing problem.

Myth # 2 – Air Fresheners will eliminate odors from your home and car. Air fresheners will temporarily mask odors but once it wears off the odor will return, most times with a vengeance. Then you get a perfumed aroma mixed with the pungent smell. Example – Picture going to the gym for 2 hours then showering in perfume afterward….eww. This is not okay.

Myth # 3 – Clean all surfaces with bleach. Bleach can ruin your furniture, your floors, your walls and more if not used properly. It also is not a safe way to clean due to it’s extremely potent and potentially toxic smell. Bleaching is definitely a no-no when it comes to attempting to eliminate odors.

Myth # 4 – Leave the windows open for a few days to air the odor out. Besides the fact that doing this invites you to get burglarized especially if you’re leaving windows open in your home or car this is also a temporary fix to an odor problem. Odors dig their way into upholstery and furnishings. While airing them out is a good idea it will not eliminate the issue.

Myth # 5 – Cut an onion to neutralize smells – This myth just makes us cry. Onions while tasting great when seasoning food and cooking purposes will not completely eliminate odors from your home or vehicle.

Myth # 6 – Keeping your humidifier between 30 – 60% will remove smells – While this is a good tip to prevent smells from forming due to moisture and helps prevent mold and mildew formation as well it does not remove smells whatsoever.

Myth # 7 –  Light Candles – Please don’t. Candles on top of being a fire hazard can also backfire and heighten the smell issue ultimately making it even worse. Candles can also be hazardous to pets especially if they have strong fragrances.

Myth # 8 – Rub a dryer sheet over furniture to remove unpleasant stink – A very temporary solution. Unless you want to run dryer sheets over and over on a daily basis this is just a mask that will not remove the odor, it will only cover it up for a very short period of time.

Myth # 9 – Use newspaper to absorb moisture and foul odor – While this could be a solution to an extremely small odor problem please don’t attempt to wrap your house or car in newspaper, it will look like a 3rd-grade paper Mache project. It also won’t eliminate odors or moisture completely.

Myth # 10 – A Fan and Citrus spray will clean out all odors – Wrong again, a fan and spray can mask odors temporarily, but the smell will definitely come back.

For complete odor elimination contact us at Pristine Pros. Our odor removal process isn’t a myth, we eliminate odors at their source and our proven system ensures that the odor will be DESTROYED!

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